Friday, 14 December 2012


So the wintery fronts have hit and I was complaining of not feeling festive here is a little update.
I'm still skint, embracing the commercialised Christmas songs they continually put on replay in my college cafe, I'm now enjoying wearing wooly tights and fluffy socks since I was reunited with my favourite purple ones after a whole year and a half of my boyfriend hiding them, I'm now taking a flask around with soup and coffee, I'm surrounded by Christmas lists but I've finally got ideas on what to get everybody, still taking the brunt from annoyed customers, now only taking two courses at college meaning I can focus on my studies more and still drinking mildly and renaming mulled wine 'glogg' after the swedes.
And today I received more Christmas cards, a Blackberry Playbook tablet from work as my present, hitting London Saturday night and going out Sunday night for our work Christmas party.
Welcome to the more positive outlook of my brain and here's a photo of my boyfriends Christmas jumper that sadly doesn't fit him anymore yet fits me perfectly meaning I'm snug as a bug and clearly feeling really bad I've taken over it...

Sunday, 9 December 2012

December sparks.

It’s that time again – Christmas. And yet once more I’m not feeling in the Christmas mood!
I’m skint, I’m fed up of Christmas songs already, I’m hating the cold wind, I’m hating having to wear two pairs of tights, I’m forking out heaps on coffee and soup to stay warm, I’m frantically trying to think of ideas for Christmas presents, I’m avoiding going shopping at peak times at all costs to avoid the swarms of people and to top it all off work is heaving with either jolly Christmas shoppers or tired, heated customers who just want their food and furniture.
Christmas is intended to be a jubilant period yet it’s the most frenzied time of my life now mixed with the January exams looming and that voice in the back of your head telling you to stop getting drunk on mulled wine and revise instead.
So my plan for this year consists of spending an afternoon writing out Christmas cards, wrapping presents wearing my Christmas jumper and socks whilst listening to the Christmas playlist I compiled a few years back (aged fourteen when I was obviously the coolest person going with the most fabulous taste in music) and forcing a smile in the hope that I’ll finally get it over and done with and take pleasure in the day.
It’s official – I’m a scrooge at seventeen years old and five twelfths.

Sleep less, dream more: my life in pictures.

What I spend the majority of my time doing - coffee, revision and travelling.
Outfit in London - mustard wool dress, black  faux fur coat, topshop handbag and black loafers.
Pooch found a "puddle".
A very old photo I stumbled across from when I was in London being  a tit.
Got home from work in NOVEMBER and I discovered my family had put the christmas tree up.
Another photo of me being a total tit.
What I am greeted with after I spent a whole day at the dog destroyed a childhood toy.
My life summed up in a photo.
Best vegetarian club sandwich ever - all home grown.
Orik the kit kat.
My dress for my work christmas party.
Got all my locks chopped off for charity...scary.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


I'm about to update the shop and sell a few of my personal items from my current wardrobe on eBay but I thought I'd upload a few on here if anyone is interested before I upload the high quality photos!
I'm willing to post to the UK mainland only - £1 for small items and £2 for larger items.
1990s brown drop top. UK Size 8. £4.
Next UK Size 8 - Breton t-shirt. £8.
Striped top - UK Size 8. £6.
1990s Black Top with flower graphic print - UK Size 8. £9.
1990s drop top - UK size 8. £4.
Vintage printed crop top - would fit UK 6/8. Looks really good with leggings, high waisted shorts and disco pants! £8.
Floral Print Lace from Dress (See below - the photos haven't uploaded in order!)
Henry Holland - Size 8. Leather styled shorts! £8.
Size 8 - Henry Holland.
Back of Topshop Denim Shorts - see other photos for more!
vintage houndtooth style top - would fit uk size 6/8. £8.
Blue distressed top - Size 8. £4.
Topshop Boutique Tweed Mini Skirt - Would fit size 8. £25.
Print on brown top (see above)
Henry Holland! floral lace dress - see above for print photo. UK size 8. £15.
Stripey t-shirt - UK size 8. £4.
Faux Leather zip up skirt - Size 8. £9.
Moto Denim Shorts
Vintage blazer - Would fit size 8-12. £12.
Floral t-shirt - label says Size 6 but fits 6-8! £4.
Denim Shorts - see above for more photos. Vintage styled, size 8.£9.
Topshop Slouch Top - Size 8. £5.
Black slouch neck dress with drop back - Size 10/12. £8.
Vintage t-shirt - would fit size 6-10.£9.
Vintage square styled shirt with black collar. Would fit UK size 6-10. £8.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Just an update.

Hey guys.
I'm so sorry I haven't posted - I am currently still active on twitter on @femmgarcon though.
A lot has happened recently in my life which I need to focus on and i'm hoping to be back blogging on this blog, my other blog, lookbooking and replenishing Little Legs by the end of 2012.
I finally have a camera however i'm still tripod-less but i'm getting there.
Thank you again for all your lovely kind words on Facebook and twitter and i'm looking forward to starting this big new chapter in my life even though it is slightly scary to say the least.
Emma xxx

Thursday, 18 October 2012

One day at a time.

Once again I'm back typing at my computer screen with a mug of coffee at my aid apologising for my lack of posts - it's nearly been ONE whole month since I posted which officially makes me a disgrace.
I always seem to repeat myself but a LOT has changed in my life in the past month or so - luckily in a positive move.
I never thought I would say this but I am actually content with life right now regardless of total uproar lately in my life. My driving lessons are going really well but I decided to move my driving test date as I was getting too nervous but I should hopefully be passed by Christmas! I'm settling back into college and surprisingly met lots of new people in mixed classes!
Payday is officially a week and thirty-three minutes away which means one thing - NEW CAMERA = MORE BLOG POSTS = HAPPY EMMA.
Update coming soon on lots of lovely clothes and make up I've recently been given too my various companies!
Lots of love!

Friday, 21 September 2012

another love.

Since being back at college I've already had a million and one things thrown at me - mainly being work which was expected. However, a lonely yet nice Thursday afternoon waiting around college before I had to go to work made me think - if I had no friends then I wouldn't have to worry about being selfish nor deal with other people continually letting me down which would therefore exert any anxious worries as I wouldn't have to rely on anyone. Whilst I'm aware it is probably not your average Joe Bloggs thought in all seriousness - WHAT IF?
Life would be so much more simpler and I could do everything I'd always wanted to do without being let down or continually being angered by people's behaviour. In my diary I've had a huge (when I say huge, I really mean HUGE) list of places I would like to visit and things I would like to do yet I haven't actually done a single one of them.
I'm going to end up repeating myself from previous blog posts but being a teenager really does suck and for the time being i'm going to keep under the radar and hope I can do so. Platforms such as Facebook only add to the problem of peoples expectations - everyone only posts the GOOD stuff they want everybody to see and not the bad stuff, yet we don't associate that people do this so assume that every single one of our friends lives are dandy as can be and ours isn't. Which is why I'm glad I'm only keeping Facebook through my business page as it only brings stress and upset to me personally. 
Rant over, PERIOD but some things have just got to be expressed and out in the open.
In the meantime, I look forward to seeing if anybody notices i'm off the radar and if anybody actually makes an effort.
Outfit post coming soon and this is possibly the worst written blog post I have ever published so I apologise.